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Studies regarding Corning Macor Machinable Glass Ceramic


Studies have been carried out by different parties relating to the following subjects.

Should you wish for further information regarding these topics; 

contact us or e-mail your details and we shall forward the relevant case study in PDF format. 


Dielectric and thermal properties of a machinable glass-ceramic at low temperature


Specific heat of code


Metallizing of machinable glass


Low-temperature thermal conductivity and specific heat of a machinable


Thermal expansion at low temperatures of glass-ceramics and


Glass sealing technology


Effect of crystallization of the thermal diffusity


Machining a machinable glass-ceramic


Machinability studies on Macor glass-ceramic


Biocompatibility of Macor glass ceramic


Hydrogen transport in a machinable glass-ceramic


Neutron irradiation effects in Macor glass-ceramic


14 MeV neutron irradiation effects in Macor glass ceramic


Macor magnetic susceptibility


Dynamic fatigue of a machinable glass-ceramic


Precise millimeter-wave measurements of complex refractive index


Submillimeter and millimeter reflection spectroscopy of vacuum compatible absorbing materials




Statement concerning Glass, Glass articles and the EU REACH Regulation


Material information Macor machinable glass ceramic


Macor® MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet


Machinable glass ceramic, a useful optical material


Corning Incorporated glass code 9658, Macor® Machinable glass ceramic


Test procedures current Macor product







Time Temp dimensional stability


Chemical durability of Macor machinable glass ceramic


Sealing feedthroughs into Macor® (cover)


Macorâ MGC - Publications, etc.


Macor Reflectance 250-2500nm


Electronic Applications


Damage to Macor glass ceramic from high-dose 14 MeV neutrons


Annealing Macor


Encyclopedia of materials and science


Macor glass ceramic unaffected by radiation


Characteristics and electronic applications of machinable glass-ceramic


Macor properties-glossary of terms


Macor reflectance curve


Macor what is it


Metallization of Macor machinable glass ceramic (MGC)


Macor MGC part that had a complex geometry


U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)


Stress resistance


Technical bulletin Macor machinable glass-ceramic, safety and health issues


Thermal Properties - Brochure Change


Vacuum bake out


Vacuum compatibility of machinable glass-ceramics





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